© Butter – Leyya (Martina Trepczyk)


Trust is the basis of our society, the protective cocoon that limits all adventures and also our fear of them. Complete absence of trust would even prevent us from getting out of bed, Luhmann once said, as the mere act of getting up each morning already presupposes taking on incalculable dangers.

Interpersonal relationships are regarded as the zenith of unpredictability; and organizing a cultural event requires the trustful relationship between the team, the audience, artists, and supporters. We therefore thank all our partners and sponsors, some of whom have been accompanying us for many years, as well as our filmmakers and our audience, who continues to let us take it on the adventure that is the short film genre.

This year’s focus, Trust Me, explores the question of how trust and the loss thereof are reflected in recent and historical films. We’d also ask you to trust us with the remaining programme—from the competitions to our specials and spotlights all the way to our education programme: While you might not have heard of most of the 350 carefully selected films, we recommend each and every one of these works wholeheartedly.

The festival and its name were trimmed; instead of the Künstlerhaus, currently under renovation, the METRO Kinokulturhaus serves as the festival headquarters and the Filmcasino as the second main venue. However, the festival’s structure and our aim to capture your imagination and to spark discussions have remained the same. So, the road is clear for an exciting and challenging fourteenth edition of VIS Vienna Shorts—trust us! (Daniel Ebner)