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VIS 2017: Triumph for US Documentary - Animation Films steal the show

Two main prizes for "The Rabbit Hunt" by Patrick Bresnan - "In erster Linie" by Veronika Schubert wins Best Austrian Film - the Animation award goes to doyen Steven Woloshen - David OReilly and Gabriel Abrantes are on the Oscar® longlist.

"The Rabbit Hunt" by US director Patrick Bresnan received two main prizes at the 14th edition of VIS Vienna Shorts: the 12 minute documentary was awarded the Vienna Short Film Award (4,000 euros granted by the City of Vienna), being deemed the best film of the international competition Fiction & Documentary, as well as the "Jury Prize - Documentary" qualifying it for the Oscars®. The media-critical animation "In erster Linie" ("First and Foremost") by Veronika Schubert was chosen as Best Austrian Film, winning 5,000 euros (granted by the VdFS Collecting Society of Filmmakers and the Vienna Tourist Board).



VENTIL wins Austrian Music Video Award

The band VENTIL, founded by Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger, won the Austrian Music Video Award 2017 with "Bulletproof" on Saturday. Kutin and Kindlinger merge techno, industrial and avant-garde influences and use the audio and visual material from the destruction of an armored glass pane. The best international music video was "Territory" by The Blaze - and therefore also a music video directed by the musicians themselves, Guillaume and Jonathan Alric.


The time has come: VIS Vienna Shorts’ 14th edition starts tomorrow!

Between June 1st - 6th Vienna once again becomes the capital of short film, animation and music video, with 350 films of up to 30 minutes to be screened during the festival. We are looking forward to watching award-winning films and welcoming prominent figures from the worlds of politics, business, and culture as well as many international filmmakers at our opening gala at 7.30 pm at the Gartenbaukino.


Yes we trust! Trust & Change at VIS 2017

The 14th edition with close to 350 films, two live acts and Golden Nights - A shorter name, a third Oscar® category, and a Honorary Committee.

Change requires trust - and in the past year Austria's largest festival for short film, animation and music video saw several changes: The name was reduced to VIS VIENNA SHORTS and the duration of the Festival and the number of programs have been streamlined. Along with this - despite a turbulent autumn - finances and staff have been consolidated. The 14th edition of the festival starts on June 1, with 347 movies in four venues, including, for the first time, the Fimcasino. Entitled Trust Me, the focus deals with the notion of trust.



New venues, shorter duration, and a record number of entries - Spotlights include Canadian "Cinema of Attractions" by Alexandre Larose, Greek Shooting-Star Jacqueline Lentzou, and Japanese filmmaker Makino Takashi.

In less than six weeks, Vienna's international festival for short film, animation, and music videos will take place for the 14th time - and for the first time under its new abbreviated name, VIENNA SHORTS - and once again celebrate artistic brevity, narrative concentration, and a focus on the essentials. Out of a record 4,000 submissions, 101 films from 33 different countries were selected for the four competition categories and will vie for more than 20,000 euros in prize money, and three places on the Oscar® long-list.


Making Vienna's short film festival shorter

OCTOBER 10, 2016

Shorter name, clearer structure, and renewed management at the Vienna Shorts - Managing director Gruber: "VIS is more than independent"

Vienna's international festival for short film, animation, and music videos has put its structure on a new footing and in the spirit of these changes has also shortened its name: Instead of VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, the festival (like the agency that emerged from it a year ago) will operate under the shorter name Vienna Shorts. Many people have already worked with the shorter form, for example on the website, says managing director Benjamin Gruber, who saw the long name as a restriction: "VIS is more than independent."


Festival 2016

VIS 2016 - Political and Poetic Films Awarded

Main prizes go to Danish-Palestinian refugee documentary, Austrian mystery-film, and experimental French animation from Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Oscar® qualification for intimate political drama and animated documentary - Overall a hugely successful festival.

The 13th edition of VIS Vienna Independent Shorts came to its conclusion Tuesday night, with prizes awarded to both political and poetic films. The Austrian Competition, with prize money totaling €5,000, was awarded to Vienna-based Argentine director Maria Luz Olivares Capelle for the mystery short film "Forest of Echoes". In international competitions, the Danish-Palestinian refugee documentary, "A Man Returned" by Mahdi Fleifel (€ 4,000) and the lyrical-experimental work, "Vintage Print" by Austrian artist Siegfried A. Fruhauf (€ 2,000) prevailed.

The Grand Jury prize, which qualifies it's winners for the Academy Awards®, went to the intimate political drama "Ennemis intérieurs" ("Enemies Within") from Sélim Azzazi (France) and the poetic animated documentary "Quiet Zone" by Canadian directors Karl Lemieux and David Bryant. The audience award went to the French animation "Le repas dominical" (Sunday Lunch) by Céline Devaux, who was also honored by the jury with a month-long residency at Vienna's MuseumsQuartier (Q21). The best director award went to Alex Gerbaulet (Germany) for his essayistic documentary "LAYER", while Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger (Austria) were presented with the Newcomer award for their film, "Desert Bloom". The Youth Jury also honored the animated film "Uncanny Valley" by Paul Wenninger.


VIS 2016 Opens with Prominent Films and Guests

The 13th edition of Austria's largest festival for short film, animation, and music videos started last night at the Gartenbaukino. The festival, from May 25th to 31st in Vienna boasts around 350 films and 150 international guests - beginning with Bill Plympton and Karl Markovics.

With around 350 films, almost 150 international guests, and 400 other accredited persons, the 13th edition of VIS Vienna Independent Shortsruns from May 25th through the 31st. To kick things of last night, Austria's largest festival for short film, animation and music video presents six prominent films at the Gartenbaukino in Vienna. Well renowned guests for the evening include, among others, US animation filmmaker Bill Plympton, and Austrian actorand director Karl Markovics.

While Plympton was honored on his 70th birthday, on hand with one of the first "couch gags" for The Simpsons as a small teaser for the exhibition, co-hosted Austrian Film Museum, Markovics, together with Vienna Tourism director Norbert Kettner, presents the "Rhythm of Vienna" competition. Three short film projects which will shoot in September in Vienna will experience their beginnings alongside the festival.

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No Fear!

The motto for the 13th edition of the international short film festival VIS Vienna Independent Shorts is "Fear Is Not an Option". Over a period of seven days, nearly 350 films will be screened in four competition categories, two featured artists programs, and a variety of  special focuses and special features. As the only Academy Award qualifying festival in Austria, films at VIS also have the opportunity to qualify directly for the Academy Award's long list.

A tense social climate, radicalized discourse, extreme solutions: when fear comes into play, you can't appeal to reason alone, but rather, must also address the emotional core of the people. This is what makes film in general, and film festivals in particular, such a fruitful framework –  what do films appeal to, if not our emotions? At the same time, festivals provide a platform for discussion and reflection. Given current state of affairs, festivals can only open up more space for dialogue.


114 Films from 31 Countries in Competition at VIS 2016

New York Rapper Zebra Katz Live with Florian Pochlatko – 70th Birthday Tribute to US Animation Star Bill Plympton

Now that we're six weeks away from the opening of Austria's largest festival for short film, animation & music video, VIS Vienna Independent Shorts would like to give some insight into this year's program: 114 films from 31 different countries were selected out of 3,500 submissions and will compete in four different categories. The winning films at this year's festival will, for the first time, have the opportunity to go on the Oscars® long-list. 

In addition to the competing films, the 13th edition of the festival will also feature some high-profile international guests. On May 28th, at the METRO Theater, New York rap-icon Zebra Katz teams up with British DJ legend Leila and the Austrian filmmaker Florian Pochlatko to celebrate a music video live performance. And, in a special Spotlight Feature, the US animation star Bill Plympton, who celebrates his 70th birthday this month, will be recognized for his work at the Austrian Film Museum.

From the 25th through 31st of May, VIS presents almost 350 Austrian and international short film highlights. Free accreditation for media representatives is possible for the 2016 festival. If you wish to report on VIS, you can find the appropriate accreditation form on our website starting May 5th.


VIS turns into a fear-free zone at the end of May

Spotlight on Anouk de Clerq in collaboration with sixpackfilm - “Early Bird” passes after Easter
Reporters and journalists are invited to apply for free accreditation from now on:

In about two months the city of Vienna will be much influenced by international films with a length of no more than 30 minutes. More than 300 short films, animations and music videos are going to be screened at Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus,  METRO Kinokulturhaus,the Austrian Film Museum and at Gartenbaukino, when VIS Vienna Independent Shorts declares the festival a fear-free zone. 

“Fear is not an Option” is the 13th edition’s focus, that couldn’t be more relevant considering the latest attacks in Brussels. VIS 2016 takes the current social and political conditions as its starting point and discusses systemic crises, man-made catastrophies, the pursuit of freedom and hope for a better life in seven curated programmes. 


VIS winners 2015 - main prizes go to Austria and Switzerland

Awards for Sebastian Brameshuber, Rainer Kohlberger and Fabian Kaiser - public honors guest star Don Hertzfeldt - record with nearly 10,000 visitors

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts 12th edition comes to end today with main prizes for the Austrians Sebastian Brameshuber and Rainer Kohlberger and the Swiss Fabian Kaiser. The award for best director went to the Greek Konstantina Kotzamani. The audience paid tribute to guest star Don Hertzfeldt with the audience awards of Austria's largest festival for short film, animation and music video. VIS 2015 ended on Sunday evening with a gala event at Vienna's Metro Kino Culture House and almost 10,000 visitors.


VIS brings Don Hertzfeldt to Vienna

Only another three months to go: The 12th edition of the International Short Film Festival VIS Vienna Independent Shorts starts on May 26, 2015 at the Gartenbaukino in Vienna. But it is today that we can release some highlights of this years’ programme and bring your attention to our triangle-programme, which will be presented in Finland next week.


Press information: VIS 2014

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts is celebrating its 11th festival edition in 2014, showing short films from around the world at the Gartenbaukino, Stadtkino im Künstlerhaus, Schikaneder and the Austrian film museum from May 23rd to 29th, 2014.

This year, we're looking for the "radical": Teaming up with partner festivals Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (Bristol, UK) and the Riga International Short Film Festival, we dedicate special programmes to the daring, polarizing and political cinema of outsiders - even though some might say we're in the "least radical era of cinema", with even non-mainstream-cinema being somewhat streamlined.

In addition, we're delighted to present not one, but two spotlights with the Austrian filmmuseum in its 50th year of existence. First, VIS takes the opportunity to honor Peter Konlechner, co-founder of Austria's cinematheque and initiator of the first ever "International short film week" in Vienna in 1962. The curated programs by Austrian film journalist Christoph Huber aim to show the richness and extraordinary quality of 1962's short film week - from avantgarde to animation, from wisdom to anarchy.

The second spotlight isn't dedicated to a person, but to the potential of the digital video art: Artist Robert Seidel (VIS Artist in Residence 2012) brings together international video and media artists working with digital work tools in an aesthetic and conceptional way in two programmes called "Penetrating Surfaces".

Competitions and specials

100 films are competing for awards worth more than 20,000 euros, whereas around 200 more films are featured in special programs, ranging from a focus on European cinema to the films of the late Beastie Boys frontman Adam Yauch. A newly designed Industry Day evolves around European co-productions, inviting experts to discuss best case scenarios and international developments.

The big festival opening at Gartenbaukino on May 23rd leads the way, showing the disturbing Snowballs by Harmony Korine, a world premiere of digital duo Zeitguised and a live scoring by Richard Eigner among many. Throughout the festival, we're happy to welcome filmmakers and artists from the likes of Matt Porterfield, Momoko Seto, Jennifer Reeder or Mariola Brillowska. French multimedia duo Thibault Gleize and Mihai Grecu are this year's artists in residence, working on a new video and presenting the festival's three trailers!

Music videos and long nights

Another day to look forward to is the one dedicated to music videos: Along with showing international highlights and awarding the second Österreichischer Musikvideopreis, we bring you indie bands Velojet (Austria) and BRNS (Belgium) open air live on stage at HEUER am Karlsplatz.

While the films might be short, the nights sure are long: Our Midnight Movies once again present you poppy porn and trashy Chic, while our VIS nights range from a huge Fête brut with Wiener Festwochen to a film quiz at Transporter bar.

Looking back: 10 years VIS in 2013

In 2013, VIS celebrated its 10 years anniversary, receiving a record number of 2,700 film submissions and showing more than 260 films from around 40 countries at the Gartenbaukino, Künstlerhaus Kino and the Austrian film museum from May 28th to June 2nd, 2013. For the first time, a whole day was decidated to music videos, including screenings as an „expanded cinema“ experience as well as a live concert.

The festival motto Strange Days was inspired by Kathryn Bigelow’s science fiction film and featured a journey through the surreal cinema and a joint film programme with the international short film festivals of Winterthur and Hamburg, addressing the tiny everyday tremors as well as great social, cultural or geopolitical subversions.

Irish animation artist David OReilly was honored with a tribute and presented his independent films, gave a masterclass and showed „found animation“ as a carte blanche at the film museum.

Other guests included Momoko Seto and Alexei Dmitriev as artists in residence, while special programs ranged from Midnight Movies to a 10 years highlight program, lectures and a program on political filmmaking. As festival previews, VIS paid tribute to Austrian avantgarde artists Michaela Grill and Billy Roisz and released a strawberry double feature at Votivkino. Two weeks after the festival, the first ever Cat Video Festival Vienna took place at the Viennese Prater.

Please understand that further press releases are only available in German. For press inquiries, feel free to contact Simon Weyer via presse(at)viennashorts.com at any time.