Discussions and workshop talks, business breakfast and location tour, exhibitions, receptions, and parties: with the enthusiastic and energetic longtime support of the Vienna Film Commission, the VIS Academy comprises all festival activities that go beyond the usual film programming.

The format Film & Talk is addressed to both the audience and the industry itself and gives them a forum to discuss current developments (and missteps) in the field of short film (Cut This Down!), while also providing opportunities to get informed about artistic and professional issues with regard to the constantly changing world of cinema (New Distribution Strategies).

In turn, the condensed series of talks Meet the AA Artists is designed as a two-part workshop talk, each with two artists competing in this year’s in the Animation Avantgarde—Špela Cadež and Dirk de Bruyn at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, which also serves as a partner organization for this series, and with Steven Woloshen and Boris Labbé at the METRO Kinokulturhaus.

Along with the activities purely geared to the industry (such as receptions and the location tour), the Academy will also party—sometimes hard—with the audience, be it at an exhibition opening at SCHAUSTELLE (Fantástico Encarnado by Andrea Robles and Lucia Cavalchini), at MuseumsQuartier’s ASIFAKEIL (Cozy Continent by Céline Devaux and Brecht Evens), or at the VIS Nights at the philiale, Club U, Celeste, and the rhiz. (Daniel Ebner)

© VIS, Maren Jeleff

Film & Talk: Meet the Industry

The VIS Academy is intended to help filmmakers exchange ideas in the context of different events, such as Industry Breakfasts and receptions as well as a location tour through the city, but especially at Film & Talk on Friday at the METRO Kinokulturhaus. The conversation format is the most intensive way to exchange ideas about current topics: new ways of distributing short films from festivals to online distribution, as well as questions about the optimal length of short films. (Daniel Ebner)

Curated by Marija Milovanovic (mm), VIS Vienna Shorts
In cooperation with Vienna Film Commission

© Steven Woloshen

Meet the AA-Artists

Created by Thomas Renoldner (Animation Avantgarde), this programme offers intensive panel discussions with animation and experimental artists. This year we get to welcome four very special artists: Špela Cadež, Dirk de Bruyn, Steven Woloshen and Boris Labbé. The first two will give a talk on Friday at the Akademie der bildenden Künste statt, while the latter two you can meet on Saturday in the METRO Kinokulturhaus' Pleskow Saal. (Daniel Ebner)

Curated by Wiktoria Pelzer (wp) & Thomas Renoldner (tr), VIS Vienna Shorts
In cooperation with Akademie der bildenden Künste