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kijvis Film Education - Children and Youth Programme

kijvis film education is a platform for children and young people that makes its contribution to media education by addressing current topics, working with different film techniques, and developing programming in collaboration with others. In addition to reinforcing cultural development and encouraging a careful examination of the moving image, we see it as one of our goals to get young people excited about film and cinema.

A window to an ostensibly "topsy-turvy world," Young Animation broadens young viewers' horizons with regard to the various animation formats. The selected films break with viewing habits à la Pixar, Disney, and the like-and instead of demonizing this kind of computer animation, this programme takes it as a basis for a broader understanding.

In the project Kinder programmieren (Kids Programme), schoolkids curate their own film programme under professional guidance. We offer children a useful addition to the in-school exploration of film and involve them in the artistic process of a film programme as active programming coordinators.

This year's festival motto not only generated the idea for the short film programme Matter of Trust for visitors aged 16-plus, but also yielded a documentary film workshop with the artist Sabine Marte, while our artist-in-residence Duncan Cowles also examines the subject of trust. Fledgling animation artists, in turn, will get their fill with the artist collective MUKATO and our artist-in-residence Ross Hogg, who will host a workshop introducing a school class to the world of experimentation with 16mm film stock.

Curated by: Kim Lange (kl), Carla Maria Losch (cl)

This year's kijvis film education programme is generously supported by the City of Vienna - Municipal Department of Education and Out-of-School Activities for Children and Young People.


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Animation Workshop with MUKATO

For the sixth consecutive year, the artist collective MUKATO (Peter Muzak, Karo Riha, Thomas Renoldner), in collaboration with an international festival guest, hosts this animation workshop for young people. This year, Ross Hogg (GB) will work with students of the Bildungsanstalt für Früh- und Elementarpädagogik (School for Early Childhood and Elementary Education, 1210 Vienna, Monika Neve) using 16mm film stock. The results will be presented at the beginning of the programme Topsy-Turvy World (June 1, METRO). (cl)

Realized with the financial support of Austrian Ministry of Education - Department of Teaching Material and Media Education

Film Workshop Medienzentrum

recommended for ages 15 and up

In this documentary film workshop, young people will be able to collaborate on a documentary short. The participants will gain insight into the production process of documentary films and will be coached and supervised by the media educator Sabine Marte and the filmmaker Duncan Cowles (GB). In accordance with the festival focus, the concept of trust takes center stage this year. (cl)

May 27th, 26th & 28th
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Generously supported by wienXtra medienzentrum.