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Those We Love are the films which have caught the attention of the selection teams from the very beginning of the viewing process as well throughout the year at different festivals, films which they could not get them out of their minds. This includes the latest films of our Artists-in-Residence Ross Hogg and Duncan Cowles.

In turn, the Golden Nights, the French Académie des Césars's traveling programme, known as Les Nuits en Or, include 33 award-winning films, specifically one matinee and two marathon screenings to take us through the day and into the night. (Daniel Ebner)

Presented by Akademie des Österreichischen Films

© "The Heart of the World" - Guy Maddin

Guest programmes

Two excessive programmes are our guests this year: the Kyiv International Short Film Festival presents us with an exciting challenge in the form of the 100 Films in 100 Minutes programme - perfect for an intense and (thanks to support in high-percentages from Norderd) happy Saturday evening.

Viennese distributor sixpackfilm's monthly "Living Collection" headed by Brigitta Burger-Utzer has Pure Excess in mind and big melodramas from big names in stock - such as Peter Tscherkassky, Mara Mattuschka and Guy Maddin. (Daniel Ebner)

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Midnight Movies

Although the Midnight Movies weren't initiated until 2013, they've grown to be somewhat of a legend. With our saucy PopPorn programme we prove that porn can also be creative and funny, while Très Chic presents current short film absurdities along with several classics and favourites from previous years.

This year's Nightmares is a fantastic guest programme curated in cooperation with the Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden): head of programming Christoffer Olofsson rummaged through the treasure chest and dug out a series of absolute classics. (Daniel Ebner)

Presented by VICE
Supported by Norderd
* Age: 16+

© "Cozy Continent"- Céline Devaux, Brecht Evens


Two film exhibitions can be seen this year during the festivval: Fantástico Encarnado by Andrea Robles Gimenez (MX) and Lucia Cavalchini (IT) will be presented as both the prelude to the Animation Avantgarde prelude, as well as throughout the festival week in the SCHAUSTELLE.

Cozy Continent is a project of the previous year's winner Céline Devaux (FR) and the illustrator Brecht Evens (BE) for the ASIFAKEIL in the Q21 of the MuseumQuartier. The unusual space on Electric Avenue will showcase the exhibition starting Monday (5.6.). (Daniel Ebner)

In cooperation with SCHAUSTELLE & ASIFA Austria

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Best of VIS

There will be three encore screenings of the festival’s most popular and award-winning films on the last day: As the festival’s crowning finale, both screens of the METRO Kinokulturhaus will show all films that were singled out either by the juries or by the audience. As a special treat, we are also presenting the three films by Franziska Pflaum, Paul Wenninger/Susan Young, and Wolfgang Matzl, which were the winners of the WienTourismus competition The Rhythm of Vienna.(Daniel Ebner)

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