Cats on European Tour

The phenomenon Cat movies is crawling around. VIS brought the Cat Video Festival to Europe - most recently with 1,700 visitors in the Arena Wien. Now the cats go on a journey. Next Stop: Nijmegen, Go Short Festival.

The Go Short Festival in Nijmegen is the biggest short film festival in the Netherlands. From April 8 - 12 the festival shows more than 250 short films. In cooperation with VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, this time also the cats will enter the big screen. On April 9th, we will show in two programs what the Cat movie phenomenon has to offer.

Part 1: Cinefeline

What do art and cats have in common? Henri, le chat noir, has already answered the question: "A cat is a work of art on its own." Not only cat lovers are inspired by our fluffy friends but also filmmakers like David OReilly or musicians such as Björk. In "Cinefeline" we present a selection of short films and music videos – featuring cats in the leading role.

Part 2: Our World is Their Playground

The second part of the programme deals with one of the most popular pop-cultural trends of the recent years: cat videos! They are (literally) everywhere. No other kind of home video is shared more often in the social networks, than the ones featuring sweet cats performing amusing things. And they deserve a major role, because no one can ever bend the iron will of a cat. They defeat gravity, ignore the rules of decent behaviour, make the world their own and turn it into their very special playground.

We are very pleased about this cooperation. Let the cats conquer Europe.

May the paws be with you!

Go Short Festvial – April 8-12, 2015
Nijmegen  Netherlands
Cat Shorts – April 9, 2015
VIS Vienna Independent Shorts. In collaboration with the Walker Art Center Minneapolis.