© Réka Bucsi & Peter Millard

Vernissage by Réka Bucsi and Peter Millard

On the second last day of the festival Réka Bucsi and Peter Millard open their exhibition "Don't know where going" at ASIFAkeil at Museumsquartier.

With decidedly different styles and approaches to animation, Réka Bucsi and Peter Millard collaborated for the first time as part of their one-month VIS & ASIFA Austria residency at the Q21. It was like a slow dance, Bucsi said, each of the artists drawing part of their frames, then swapping them among themselves. Each then continued to draw on what the other already did, in a colorful symbiosis of the minds.

This "dance" resulted in almost 750 frames that put together make a short film, looped into a video installation.

You can see the outcome of this animated conversation Monday, at 3 PM in ASIFAKEIL in Loop in the presence of the artists.
As an extra treat, single images from the films will be available for sale.