Screensessions live with VENTIL

Thirteen nominees for the Austrian Music Video Award and ten videos in the international competition explore the many varieties of audiovisual art. The Screensessions will again be complemented this year by an extraordinary live act.

This edition of the CinemaSessions, a series by the Film Archive, features an audiovisual live performance by VENTIL, jointly commissioned by donaufestival and VIS, which the Austrian band project based on their film Bulletproof and developed especially for the movie theater.

The movie theater becomes a concert hall, the concert becomes an audiovisual borderline experience. A bulletproof glass panel is at the center of events, whose demolition generates sounds and images. Cracks, bullet holes, ruptures. The physical destruction determines a composition that manifests itself as a haunting physical experience: the labyrinth of our screen society has no exit. This is about the impossibility of security.


commissioned by donaufestival & VIS
3th of June 2017, 8:30 PM
METRO Kinokulturhaus, Historischer Saal

After-party at Celeste (Keller)
DJ-Sets Asfast, Misonica (Hope X), B*, Ursuka
Hosted by Ventil-Records