△ Uppsala International Short Film Festival

(Anti)Authority: (Dis)Illusion & (Dis)Obedience

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 92 min

What is authority? What is disobedience? What is their relationship? What happens with our perception of the world when the lines are blurred and authority is challenged? Who can you trust? The male voice of reason as the voice of authority is the starting point of this set of slyly humorous films that in one way or another also seek to question, destabilize or undermine that authority. These films fearlessly take on patriarchy, capitalism, spirituality, education, sexuality and desire, as they investigate authority, disobedience and the illusion thereof. (Christoffer Olofsson)

Curated by: Christoffer Olofsson
In cooperation with: Uppsala International Short Film Festival (SE)

Random Still

Hollow Coin

US 2016 12 min Director Frank Heath

Night Soil – Fake Paradise

NL US 2015 32 min Director Melanie Bonajo

Gratis Punch

CZ 2006 06 min Director Katharina Cibulka Eva Jiricka

Geef me's ongelijk

NL 2015 27 min Director Laura Hermanides


SE 2015 15 min Director Lovisa Sirén