Opening Ceremony hosted by Anna-Katharina Laggner

  • , Gartenbaukino 65 min

In the presence of: Jan Soldat, Helmut Mooshammer ("Protokolle"), Florian Kindlinger, Peter Kutin

Random Still

Hi Stranger

US 2016 02 min 42 sec Austrian premiere Director Kirsten Lepore

A rosy-cheeked, round-butted clay figure is talking to you, the viewer in the audience, in a half-sultry, half-unsettling voice. The naked protagonist is open, trustful, utterly vulnerable and wholeheartedly there for you—like an old friend or a lover. As captivating and comforting as the surreal stop-motion animation may be for some, it seems just as creepy and absurd to others. An intriguing and strangely discomforting piece of art that recently went viral. (Diana Mereoiu, Daniel Ebner)

Screenplay Kirsten Lepore Production Kirsten Lepore Cast Garrett Davis Sound David Kamp Animation Kirsten Lepore

Hi Stranger


Close Ties

PL 2016 18 min Austrian premiere Director Zofia Kowalewska

Is it possible to regain trust after having wronged and hurt someone deeply? An elderly couple plans their wedding anniversary, treading on the fine line between forgiveness and compromise. In this endearing and Academy Award nominated documentary, daily squabbles turn into accusations, excuses into attempts to understand. Ultimately, forgiveness proves not a solitary endeavour negotiated within yourself, but the joint creation of a space for redemption. (Diana Mereoiu)

Nominee - Academy Awards

Screenplay Zofia Kowalewska Production Ewa Jastrzebska Editing Jerzy Zawadzki Camera Weronika Bilska

Więzi Best Short Documentary - Krakow Film Festival, Best Short Documentary - Flickerfest


CA 1952 No dialogue/lyrics 08 min 06 sec Austrian premiere Director Norman McLaren

It’s all a matter of perspective: “Peace Certain If No War; War Certain If No Peace,” read the headlines of the two protagonists’ newspapers in Norman McLaren’s classic parable that received an Oscar in 1953 and seems more topical now than ever. In a divided society, everyone plays along as long as there’s trust in our (un)written rules. The “greatest film ever made” (Picasso) uses black humour to show us what happens if this contract is canceled. (Diana Mereoiu, Daniel Ebner)

Neighbours Best Documentary - Academy Awards (Oscar®)

The Fifth Wall

AT 2017 12 min 47 sec World premiere Director Florian Kindlinger Peter Kutin

At the center of this work is a massive bulletproof glass panel that is handled, shot at, and set on fire. Packing a visual punch, Florian Kindlinger and Peter Kutin’s film discusses the separation of the real world and its representation. In what ways do human realities on the other side of the screens and displays still affect us? Maybe the answer is to break through the “fifth” wall. A remarkable, highly political piece of work. (Wiktoria Pelzer)

Screenplay Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger Production Alina Sklenicka, Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger Editing Edward Chapon, Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger Camera Martin Putz Cast Gods Entertainment Sound Peter Kutin, Florian Kindlinger Animation Conny Zenk

The Fifth Wall



DE 2017 19 min 58 sec Austrian premiere Director Jan Soldat

Seated against the backdrop of a window, three men alternately take a risk: they open up to the camera. We can’t see their faces, only their contours. They lead ordinary lives yet share unusual desires: for a love all-consuming, an experience all-obliterating, a feeling of freeing bodilessness. Formally strict, but unobtrusive Jan Soldat once again tests the limits of our understanding, daring us to listen without judging all too easily. (Diana Mereoiu)

Screenplay Jan Soldat Production Jan Soldat Editing Jan Soldat Camera Jan Soldat Cast Andreas Pietschmann, Markus Graf, Helmut Mooshammer Sound Jan Soldat, Lorenz Fischer



BE 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 03 min 37 sec Austrian premiere Director Nicolas Provost

A trip without a final destination—a drift, a hallucination. Scenes from outer space, a cinematic vortex that can only end in endless nothing, in a black hole. Like in his earlier works, Nicolas Provost resorts to scenes from well-known canonical works from cinema history—and makes use of Kubrickesque paranoia and a nightmarish vision of the future. (Wiktoria Pelzer)

Screenplay Nicolas Provost Production Nicolas Provost Editing Nicolas Provost Sound Nicolas Provost Animation Nicolas Provost