Fantástico Encarnado Robles & Cavalchini

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The installation Fantástico Encarnado is a long-term project of an artists' collective from Mexico City. In its final version, it is to combination of six different animation films and sound into a three-dimensional composition.

In various locations, the installation presents the spatial and temporal conditions adapted in different versions. After a first glance at the work process during a presentation held at the Asifakeil in the MuseumsQuartier (18.5. - 31.6.) the installation itself will be shown in the rooms of the Schaustelle during the festival and will consist of three projections of spatially arranged sound. 

The starting point of the project is the text The Uncanny by Sigmund Freud. It is a series of experimental animations, focusing on the theme of forbidden memories, hidden fantasies and recurring dreams that manifest themselves strangely. The animations were made with different experimental techniques, including drawing, oil painting on glass, or shots of China ink lit from below. This sound and visual journey is a project by Andrea Robles (director, Mexico) with Lucia Cavalchini (producer, Italy), Hafid Velasco (sound, Mexico), Liene Rubane (art director, Latvia), and Patricia Henrriquez (art director, Mexico).

Free admission
Supported by the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
In cooperation with ASIFA Austria