△ ZubrOFFka International Short Film Festival, Białystok

Generations. At the Crossroads

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 87 min

Each generation understands the world differently—especially younger generations often yearn for greater changes. This aspiration is exactly what makes our world such an exciting place, as it raises many questions that need to be discussed but rarely provides simple answers. The films selected for this programme illustrate the generational differences in some of the key questions governing our lives and show that it is ultimately a question of trust whether it is possible to generate conversations, understanding or—what may be most difficult of all—change. (Tomasz Adamski)

Curated by: Tomasz Adamski
In cooperation with: ZubrOFFka (PL)

Random Still

Trzy rozmowy o zyciu

Three Conversations of Life

PL 2016 25 min Director Julia Staniszewska



HR 2015 13 min Director Jure Pavlovic


BG 2013 30 min Director Pavel G. Vesnakov

My Dad

GB 2014 06 min Director Marcus Armitage

Interior familia

ES 2014 13 min Director Gerard Quinto Esteve Soler David Torras