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GHOST/BLOCK/BASTLER recommended for ages 11 and up

  • , Österreichisches Filmmuseum 70 min

Orderly chaos. Until you’ve seen it all, life just races ahead. Warps may sometimes offer a clearer image. The world becomes unhinged. Who rides so late through screen and space? Things are moving as if by an invisible hand. A person is dying. A moving well and a tree as guests. Do you need new furniture? This is a schnitzel film! The whole enchilada (or is it kebab?). And they loved happily ever after. After all, love is important. Have fun! (Klasse 2c des GRg Geblergasse)

In the presence of Paul Wenninger, Susan Young, Réka Bucsi, Karin Fisslthaler, Bernd Oppl and Harald Hund.

Random Still



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Calino Arroseur Public

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FR HU 2016 14 min 33 sec Director Réka Bucsi