Pure Excess Living Collection

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 65 min

Like great melodramas this programme involves spectacular imagery and an atmosphere of concentrated or suppressed emotion. The focus is on creating an atmospheric space comparable to the subconscious, the sphere of our fundamental desires, restraints and fears. To achieve this, an experimental film needs nothing more than music, song, sound, and silence—or a style excess by means of colours, material treatment, staging and opulent images. (Brigitta Burger-Utzer)

In German only
Curated by:
Brigitta Burger-Utzer (sixpackfilm)
In cooperation with sixpackfilm

Random Still

The Heart of the World

CA 2000 06 min 30 sec Director Guy Maddin

The French Road, Detroit MI

AT 2016 06 min 15 sec Director Arthur Summereder


AT 1984 03 min Director Mara Mattuschka


AT 1986 03 min Director Mara Mattuschka


DE 1994 15 min Director Matthias Müller

ich bin traurig (i am sad)

i am sad

AT 2003 04 min Director Didi Bruckmayr Michael Strohmann


AT 2006 15 min Director Matthias Müller

Outer Space

AT 1999 10 min Director Peter Tscherkassky


AT 2016 03 min Director Tina Frank