Makino Takashi

  • , Österreichisches Filmmuseum 61 min

Four films from four of the artist’s phases: In his early work EVE, the images of barbed wire and foam bubbles are still unusually distinct but become fluid by way of focus shifts and layering, like the aerial shots over Tokyo in Generator that viewers can still vaguely discern. The kind of uncertainty that always asks whether one is actually looking at what one is looking at without ever wanting to stop looking becomes tangible in Ghost of OT301. Makino Takashi’s latest work, On Generation and Corruption, screened in the Tiger Award competition at Rotterdam Film Festival. (ab)

In the presence of Makino Takashi

Random Still


JP 2004 03 min Director Takashi Makino


JP 2011 19 min Director Takashi Makino

Ghost of OT301

JP 2013 09 min Director Takashi Makino

On Generation and Corruption

JP 2017 30 min Director Takashi Makino