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Matter of Trust recommended for ages 16 and up, in English or with English subtitles

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 84 min

No matter your age—whether you are a child, a teenager, or an adult—trust is a pretty tricky thing. Trust cannot be acquired or even learned. Rather, trust needs to be constantly fostered, as the films in this programme show. How fragile is trust? When do I have to protect my fellow human beings? Which parent should I come out to first? And how do I help my friend to overcome his depression? We accompany the protagonists on a search for answers and are continually surprised by their creative solutions in the process. (kl, cl)

Random Still

Workshop Dokumentarfilm

00 min Director

5 segundos

5 Seconds

ES 2015 03 min 33 sec Director David González Rudiez

Il Silenzio

The Silence

FR IT 2016 14 min 35 sec Director Farnoosh Samadi Ali Asgari


SE 2016 30 min Director Peter Modestij

Mamma vet bäst

Mother Knows Best

SE 2016 12 min 32 sec Director Mikael Bundsen



NL 2016 24 min 19 sec Director Daan Bol