Très Chic A Night of Most Exquisite Humour

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A jam session with Master Yoda? Check. A talk with God (or in this case, gods)? Check, but mind you, they turned out to be super weird. A morbidly hilarious look at the people that govern? HUGE check. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to get Très Chic again! As in every year, the short film that knocks your socks off the most will receive the “Prix Très Chic Pour Le Film Le Plus Extraordinaire”, so prepare your pen-pineapple-apple-pens for some serious voting! (Diana Mereoiu)

Curated by Daniel Ebner, Kim Lange, Milena Nikolic (VIS Vienna Shorts)
In the presence of Alexander Gratzer
Presented by VICE

Im Wohnzimmer

AT 2015 02 min 13 sec Director Alexander Gratzer

Hi, It's Your Mother

CA 2016 04 min 53 sec Director Daniel Sterlin-Altman


GB 2016 14 min 40 sec Director Daina O. Pusic

Six god alphabet Peter

GB 2016 06 min 43 sec Director Peter Millard

Surprise Film

JP 2016 02 min 33 sec Director

Inauguration Day

US 2017 04 min 26 sec Director Bad Lip Reading

The Procedure

US 2016 03 min 43 sec Director Calvin Reeder

Handkuss – Worried Man & Worried Boy

Kiss on the Hand – Worried Man & Worried Boy

AT 2016 03 min 40 sec Director Beniamin Urbanek Stefanie Sargnagel

Happy End

CZ 2015 05 min 43 sec Director Jan Saska

OS Love

CH 2016 06 min 02 sec Director Luc Gut

The Maker

US 2016 04 min 43 sec Director Patrick Kehoe


DE 2016 03 min 32 sec Director Tomer Eshed

SEAGULLS! (Stop It Now)

US 2017 03 min 56 sec Director Bad Lip Reading

Surprise Film

AT 2016 03 min Director