kijvis Filmvermittlung

Topsy-Turvy World recommended for ages 9 and up

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 55 min

This program shows animation films and filmic experiments that debunk optical illusions and seemingly real images as illusions or deceptions. The world is topsy-turvy. Or is it us who simply look at it from a wrong angle? Flying pigs, malleable spaces, and friendships that are sustained across many dimensions. All this encourages young audiences to question the presented images, to consciously reflect on what happens in the film, and to formulate their impressions.  (kl, cl)


Random Still

Hobart – A Story in the Clouds

HU 2016 09 min 15 sec Director Hajnalka Harsányi


NO AT 2009 05 min Director Inger Lise Hansen

Born in a Void

AU 2016 07 min 18 sec Director Alex Grigg


BE 2016 03 min 37 sec Director Nicolas Provost

The Way to M

AT 2011 07 min 30 sec Director Zsuzsanna Werner



EE 2016 02 min 06 sec Director Lucija Mrzljak


GB 2016 04 min 58 sec Director Robert Duncan

Nyuszi és Őz

Rabbit and Deer

HU 2013 16 min 15 sec Director Péter Vácz