Internationaler Wettbewerb

Words Don't Come Easy Fiction & Documentary

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 85 min

The starting point is a small town. In this programme, a drive into the unknown, nature and its imitations, a parking lot in no man’s land and a gang of twelve teens provide for an eerie, mysterious atmosphere. Finding the right words is not always easy. But looking a whale in the eye says more than a thousand words. Courage, conviction and self-confidence are essential. Even the films themselves carry these virtues. Their haunting imagery provides us with an exceptional cinematographic experience. (db)

In the presence of Diogo Costa Amarante, Sebastian Mulder & Maxime Brun & Wouter Hoek ("Nature: All Rights Reserved")

Cidade Pequena

Small Town

PT 2016 19 min Austrian premiere Director Diogo Costa Costa Amarante

Six-year-old curly-haired Frederico rests on the sofa. Tacky colourful flowers cover his body. The sun is gleaming brightly and insects are buzzing. What happens when the heart stops beating? The person dies. Learning this at school robs Frederico his nightly sleep. Is it always necessary to learn the truth? The Berlinale winner captivates the viewer with colourful images and picturesque staging. (db)

Screenplay Diogo Costa Amarante Production Miguel Dias, Diogo Costa Amarante Editing Diogo Costa Amarante Camera Diogo Costa Amarante Cast Mara Costa Amarante, Frederico Costa Amarante Barreto Sound Diogo Costa Amarante, Miguel Cordeiro

Cidade Pequena Golden Bear - Berlinale Shorts

Nature: All Rights Reserved

NL 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 21 min 55 sec Austrian premiere Director Sebastian Mulder

A forest on wallpapers in a conference room. A palm beach in a dentist’s waiting room. Plastic grass on the balcony. This essayistic documentary inspects the different manifestations of fake nature in our society. What is real and what is artificially recreated nature? Nature: All Rights Reserved is often debunking and very funny and also works like a picture puzzle. Can you spot the mistake? (db)

Production Sebastian Mulder Editing Wouter Hoek Camera Maxime Brun Animation Mike van Creij, Lars van Leeuwen

Nature: All Rights Reserved

Oh What a Wonderful Feeling

CA 2016 14 min 47 sec Austrian premiere Director François Jaros

One ominous night in a truck parking lot: Dodgy characters appear between large trucks. The stars shine brightly. Secrets and fears, longings and desires flare up in the dark of the night. The fox in the dark street is a bad omen. Is there a way out of this mysterious no man’s land? Placed in a suspended state, at the end we find comfort in The Walker Brothers’ inspirational hit First Love Never Dies. (db)

Screenplay François Jaros Production Fanny-Laure Malo, François Jaros Editing François Jaros Camera Olivier Gossot Cast Karelle Tremblay, Frédérike Bédard, Ellen David, Catherine Hughes, Tania Kontoyanni, Patrice Beauchesne, Louis Negin Sound Jean-François Sauvé

Oh What a Wonderful Feeling Best International Short Film - Gijon International Film Festival , Special Mention - Slamdance Film Festival


GR 2016 29 min 50 sec Austrian premiere Director Konstantina Kotzamani

The sea roars and seagulls fly low: 12 boys in the midst of a mud fight on the beach. Caught between water and sky, in a limbo-like state. It’s dark and scary. A mysterious boy with albinism—devil or salvation? The tension increases—until only he can look the washed up whale in the eye. An eerie allegory filled with subconscious symbolism and iconographic images. Very intense. (db)

Screenplay Konstantina Kotzamani Production Ron Dyens, Maria Drandaki