Internationaler Wettbewerb

You'll Never Walk Alone Fiction & Documentary

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 74 min

The protagonists of this programme all have one thing in common. A sense of not belonging in this world any longer: whether it’s due to dementia, a failed commission, the dream of becoming a Hollywood star, an unusual rabbit hunt or ever-present death. But communities provide support as much as they make you want to escape: be it with a birthday song around a coffin cake in the funeral home or persistent questioning of descent in the nursing home. Eventually, the rabbit gets skinned and we know that there is no escape. (db)

In the presence of: Alexandru Petru Bădeliţă, Patrick Bresnan, Ivete Lucas ("The Rabbit Hunt")

A Brief History of Princess X

FR GB PT 2016 07 min Austrian premiere Director Gabriel Abrantes

The sculptor and artist Brâncusi was commissioned to create a bust of Marie Bonaparte, Napoleon’s great-niece. Instead, he created a future-inspired, gilded bronze phallus. A Brief History of Princess X is also a story of early modernism, the emerging science of psychoanalysis and the first studies of female sexuality. And at the same time a very fast-paced and entertaining caricature of the art scene. (db)

Screenplay Gabriel Abrantes Production Gabriel Abrantes , Justin Taurand, Benjamin Cook Editing Margarida Lucas Camera Jorge Quintela Cast Joana Barrios, Francisco Cipriano, Filipe Vargas Sound Carlos Abreu

A Brief History of Princess X

After Life

NZ 2016 15 min 48 sec Austrian premiere Director Nick Mayow Prisca Bouchet

A birthday cake in the shape of a coffin could be perceived as a macabre joke. But in a funeral home in New Zealand, it’s the way to celebrate a colleague’s birthday. For the employees death is part of everyday life. That includes embalming and putting make-up on dead bodies as well as the morbidly quirky presentation of a foldable mini coffin for fetuses. A unique look behind the scenes. (db)

Production Prisca Bouchet & Nick Mayow, LOOM Films Editing Nick Mayow Camera Prisca Bouchet Cast Prisca Bouchet Sound Nick Mayow

After Life Best Documentary - Tampere Film Festival

I made you, I kill you

FR RO 2016 14 min Austrian premiere Director Alexandru Petru Badelita

The dream of becoming a Hollywood star has helped many to get through their teenage years. What else can you do if your own family is hell on earth? Alcoholism, violence, and regular funerals are a daily occurrence. This personal story of growing up in Romania is told with a mix of video, animation, children’s drawings and photographs. A creative way of processing a trauma, also to encourage others. (db)

Screenplay Alexandru Petru Badelita Production Alexandru Petru Badelita Editing Alexandru Petru Badelita Camera Alexandru Petru Badelita Cast Drehluta Ecaterina Aurelia, Covasa Petru Sound Alexandru Petru Badelita, Martin Delzeaux Animation Alexandru Petru Badelita

I made you, I kill you

I'm Not from Here

CL DK IT LT 2016 25 min 49 sec Austrian premiere Director Maite Alberdi Giedrė Žickytė

Memories and forgetfulness, alienation and belonging. In the case of 88-year-old Josebe, a Basque suffering from dementia, who lives in a nursing home in Chile, these notions become blurred. A sense of not belonging and questions about her roots, her home, define the entire movie. At the same time, it’s a sensitive portrait of an incredibly strong woman. Laughing allowed. (db)

Screenplay Maite Alberdi, Giedrė Žickytė Production Patricio Gajardo, Maite Alberdi

I'm Not from Here Best Short Documentary - Visions du Réel

The Rabbit Hunt

US 2017 12 min 07 sec Austrian premiere Director Patrick Bresnan

It’s the start of a normal day for a family in Florida: cornflakes for breakfast and slowly packing for a trip. Suddenly we find ourselves on the outskirts of burning sugar cane fields, watching the family catch the escaping hares. Speed, strength, and courage are required to catch the rabbits with bare hands. A film with strong images and an eerie appeal, from which there is no escape. (db)

Production Ivete Lucas, Maida Brankman Editing Ivete Lucas Camera Patrick Bresnan Sound Eric Friend

The Rabbit Hunt Best National Short Film - SXSW – South by Southwest