Alexandre Larose Masterclass

  • , Österreichisches Filmmuseum 36 min

The often somnambulistic, psychedelic appearance of Larose’s films is generated by the duality that has also spawned cinema itself: the visionary and narrative potentials of this image machine as well as the engineered construction and use of technical devices, whether in the form of a rocket that drops a camera undamaged or in the form of color processes transforming the world into an amorphous, gelatinous film grain mass sluggishly oozing past our eyes. In this masterclass, the artist provides insight into his work and thought processes. (ab)

In the presence of Alexandre Larose

Random Still

brouillard #15

CA 2014 10 min Director Alexandre Larose

Ville Marie – documentation

CA 2005 06 min Director Alexandre Larose

St Bathans Repetitions

CA 2016 20 min Director Alexandre Larose