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The Medium Animation Avantgarde

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The element that ties this section together is its focus on the specific possibilities offered by the respective medium and its techniques. What it reveals is a large diversity of strategies, aesthetic qualities, and content: minimalism on film and computer-generated worlds and creatures oscillating between depiction and invention; playfully hand-painted and constructivist visual music; animated films that address and push the boundaries of “drawn worlds” and are at once narrative, entertaining, and poetic. (tr)

In the presence of: Faiyaz Jafri, Johan Rijpma, Steven Woloshen, Vincent Lynen & Mira Lievezoons, Björn Kämmerer, Rainer Kohlberger, Boris Labbé, Anna Vasof

Workshop Film

2017 00 min Director


AT 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 04 min Director björn Kämmerer

Kämmerer regularly uses everyday objects for his works, transforming them into something entirely new via the detail we get to see, the camera’s point of view, or the movements in front of the camera. He creates an interplay of abstract forms that become more concrete than one might have thought, produces rhythm and sound in silent moving images, and makes the monochromatic coloured lines and forms dance on the screen. (wp)

Screenplay Björn Kämmerer Production Björn Kämmerer Editing Björn Kämmerer Camera Robert Oberrainer


Trilogy of Leaving

AT 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 04 min 28 sec Director Anna Vasof

Video and object art are the building blocks from which Anna Vasof creates her animations. The umbrella onto which she mounts pictures is reminiscent of a zoetrope. She cuts up bird feathers with scissors, which begin to flutter once their individual pictures are played in sequence. A series of fingerprints is transformed into a never-ending ride through a tunnel. The videos share the fascinating moment in which the acceleration of their images topples into fluid animation. (tr)

Production Anna Vasof

Trilogy of Leaving Best Experimental Film - One Day Animation Festival


JP NL 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 02 min Austrian premiere Director Johan Rijpma

Johan Rijpma takes up a popular image from the early days of animation where the animation artist’s hand is seen holding a pen and producing the first line on the paper. Rijpma transforms the real hand into a drawn one, and a fantastic flux of ever-expanding metamorphoses and fascinating spatial transformations sets in only to return to the beginning in playback mode. (tr)




EE 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 02 min 06 sec Austrian premiere Director Lucija Mrzljak

Corner is a fine example of the power of reduction. With simple lines on a basically empty surface, Lucija Mrzljak invents a world of optical illusion, spatial paradoxes, and perplexing twists. In the process, she places herself in the tradition of works employing a similar strategy and to which Raimund Krumme, for instance, has made major contributions. Yet Mrzljak demonstrates her autonomy with subtle humour and her personal drawing style. (tr)

Screenplay Lucija Mrzljak Production Estonian Academy of Arts Editing Lucija Mrzljak Camera Lucija Mrzljak Cast Lucija Mrzljak, Horret Kuus Sound Horret Kuus Animation Lucija Mrzljak



CA 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 03 min 58 sec Austrian premiere Director steven woloshen

Steven Woloshen has been working with film since the 1980s, primarily using the technique of scratching or scribbling in the sense of abstract “direct animation.” With Casino, Woloshen processes a personal loss: that of his father, who enjoyed going to the casino. The artist avoids all gravity and instead creates an airy homage full of colour and lively choreography of cards, roulette wheels, and dice. (wp)

Production Steven Woloshen Sound Pierre-Yves Drapeau Animation Steven Woloshen


keep that dream burning

DE AT 2017 No dialogue/lyrics 08 min Director Rainer Kohlberger

Rainer Kohlberger calls abstract digital image worlds his home. Many of his works start with the attempt to find their way through these worlds or to create them in the first place. This film, however, does not begin with a digital image but a real picture behind the noise and hints at structures, surfaces, and concrete scenes without revealing them, which allows the audience to plunge even deeper into the black-and-white delirium. (wp)

keep that dream burning


US 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 05 min 27 sec Austrian premiere Director Raven Kwok

Raven Kwok, some of whose works have been presented in the Animation Avantgarde in the past, once again creates an inescapable maelstrom with his work 189D0. The abstract structure, pulsing and transforming in sync with the music, is both rhythm and beat, both discharging energy and rigid form. Layers flow into each other and disintegrate each other to create orderly, geometric chaos. (wp)

Editing Raven Kwok Sound Karma Fields Animation Raven Kwok


Any Road

FR 2016 10 min 04 sec Austrian premiere Director Boris Labbé

What starts with a simple computer game soon fans out into different bizarre universes between abstraction and the recognition of possible worlds. The work was created in close collaboration with the Italian composer Daniele Ghisi, whose work description tellingly lists orchestra, electronics, and video as his instruments. This commissioned work was premiered in May 2016 with the Orchestre National de Lyon. (tr)

Production Grame – Boris Labbé Animation Boris Labbé

Any Road Technical Award (Sound, Light, …) - Fantoche

Play Boys

BE 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 07 min 22 sec Austrian premiere Director Vincent Lynen

Several small and alternating stages are distributed across a monochromatic background and inhabited by toy-like figurines. The male figurines, which the author characterizes as machos, are caricatures of gender-specific clichés, playing with their dogs, mopeds, cars, or hunting rifles. They shoot at balloons, bottles, and cans that women in bikinis balance on their bodies. In the end, all this stupidity even causes something to break. (tr)

Production Vincent Lynen Editing Vincent Lynen Cast Jean-Marie Demeyer Sound Brecht Hayen Animation Vincent Lynen

Play Boys


HK 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 08 min 10 sec Austrian premiere Director Faiyaz Jafri

A perfect body—or is it? Everything is different in hyper-unrealism. A body like a shaggy monster with hair all over that swings to the beat, without inhibitions. Faiyaz Jafri presents a new 3D-generated film that addresses the interplay of physicality and disembodiment in the digital world. The figure’s ecstasy is definitely infectious and invites viewers to sway along. (wp)

Screenplay Faiyaz Jafri Production Faiyaz Jafri Editing Faiyaz Jafri Camera Faiyaz Jafri Sound Faiyaz Jafri Animation Faiyaz Jafri




PL 2016 08 min Austrian premiere Director Katarzyna Kijek

The idea that consumes the thinker and therefore becomes so real it seems take over reality itself—and is ultimately thrown overboard after all: Katarzyna Kijek retells and reenvisions the story of a writer’s block, embellishing it with overflowing formal and dramaturgic ideas. With great wit and a perfect sense of timing, she describes the process and the myriad ways of distracting oneself when one has to write something really important. (wp)

Screenplay Katarzyna Kijek, Przemyslaw Adamski Production Ewa Jastrzebska Animation Katarzyna Kijek, Przemyslaw Adamski



FR ES 2016 12 min Austrian premiere Director Alberto Vazquez

The world: a facade. Sceneries of make-belief, an ever-similar sequence of petty things always setting in at the expected time. Decorado is at once funny and relentlessly mean-spirited: Romeo_69 is a monster, the love of his life only an extra on the stage; only the beatings, those really hurt. A fascinating satirical animated film with a serious aftertaste: “The world is a wonderful stage, but its characters are disgraceful.” (wp)

Production Ivan Minambres, Nicolas Schmerkin