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The Subject Animation Avantgarde

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This section is all about the individual: subjective looks, fears, and wishful thinking, radical presentations of the self, lonely longterm projects, sexual fantasies and delightful breaches of taboos, depressing memories, fantastic adventures in the mind, and humorous games. It is remarkable to observe how the technique of drawing is often used in dealing with personal issues and how works by female and male filmmakers balance each other out quite naturally. Finally this programme is a substantial collection of insights and prospects from various angles. (tr)

In the presence of: Dirk de Bruyn, Xenia Lesniewski, Sasha Svirsky, Nadezhda Svirskaia ("9 Ways to Draw a Person")

Mind Frame

US 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 01 min Austrian premiere Director Jake Fried

Ink, opaque white, coffee, a canvas: those are the reduced means by which Jake Fried designs his psychedelic one-minute image transformations. Intense and solitary work at the drawing table finds its counterpart in the film: A male portrait and his hands are set in motion, superimpose, multiply, disintegrate into their parts—eyes, ears, fingers—and intertwine with transforming spaces and landscapes. (tr)

Mind Frame

Wall Dust

CN 2016 07 min Austrian premiere Director Haiyang Wang

Wall Dust is a chronicle based on individual images of a several-months-long painting process that was deliberately left unplanned to give the artist the possibility of following chance or his intuition at any given time. For this reason, Haiyang Wang also calls this process “performance art” and, with Wall Dust, completes an impressive trilogy of painted films he began in 2009. (tr)

Wall Dust


AU 2016 07 min 51 sec Austrian premiere Director Dirk de Bruyn

Dirk de Bruyn cites The Great Lalula, Christian Morgenstern’s first nonsense poem, as a source of inspiration for Dissociation. Many different optical and acoustic elements are placed in relation to each other: hand-painted and scratched 16 mm film strips, digitized with extremely high contrasts, letters painted on the film material, digitally inserted text fragments, repetitive sonic collages, vocals, sound, music—and Dirk’s voice over everything. (tr)

Production Dirk de Bruyn Sound Dirk de Bruyn Animation Dirk de Bruyn



The Laughing Spider

JP 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 07 min 24 sec Austrian premiere Director Keiichi Tanaami

Outlines of Keiichi Tanaami’s comprehensive oeuvre as a visual artist, going back to 1960, are reflected in a heavily compressed form in this animation video. Inspired by Andy Warhol, Tanaami collages traditional Japanese art, American Pop Art, and echoes of European surrealism. Memories of his youth during the war are omnipresent as Roy-Lichtensteinian fighter jets regularly cut through the chaotic flow of images. (tr)

Animation CALF – Ryo Okawara, Kei Oyama


The Empty

FR KR 2016 09 min 30 sec Austrian premiere Director Dahee Jeong

“The room protects me; the room imprisons me.” These words, spoken by the male voice-over to introduce the film, are an indication that the film’s interior space is to be understood as a metaphor for the human psyche, which separates itself from the exterior world. Experiences, dreams, and memories are stored in this room like empty spots on the wall, from which black figures hauled out furniture at the beginning. (tr)

Screenplay Dahee Jeong Production Ron Dyens

The Empty


Dubious Encashment

DE 2017 11 min 30 sec World premiere Director Xenia Lesniewski

Xenia Lesniewski presents a collage extraordinaire: this film leaves nothing to be desired. Total overload alongside idleness, provocation, and banality. A Mickey-Mouse voice guides viewers through its world, confronting them with various impressions and statements. Video material, infographics, bright colours, amateur footage—all this is used. You can’t describe it; you have to see it. (wp)

Screenplay Xenia Lesniewski Production Ingmar Böschen Editing Xenia Lesniewski Camera Xenia Lesniewski Cast Xenia Lesniewski, STRAND, Julia Rublow, Iovanna Lesniewski Sound Xenia Lesniewski Animation Xenia Lesniewski



GB 2016 04 min 49 sec Director Jennifer Zheng

A dialogue between a daughter born and raised in Great Britain and her Chinese-born mother serves as the basis for this animated documentary film. The mother talks about oppression during the Cultural Revolution, while the now adult daughter looks back at her childhood and discusses questions of cultural identity. These very personal experiences are realized in an artistically highly convincing graphic style. (tr)

Sound K. Preston Merkley Animation Jennifer Zheng

Tough Special Mention - BAFTA Awards

Natsu no gero wa fuyu no sakana

Summer's Puke is Winter's Delight

JP 2016 03 min Director Sawako Kabuki

Sawako Kabuki, the enfant terrible of Japanese animation, once again relishes the breaking of taboos, this time focusing on the expulsion of human vomit while giving sexual fantasies room to unfold in a fast-paced, garish techno-beat music video—a film that is bound to elicit “controversial reactions” but so far has garnered remarkable international success. (tr)

Screenplay Sawako Kabuki Editing Sawako Kabuki Camera Sawako Kabuki Sound Seinosuke Saeki Animation Sawako Kabuki

Natsu no gero wa fuyu no sakana

Spank Shot

US 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 01 min 10 sec World premiere Director Gina Kamentsky

A hockey game is the starting point for these rotoscoped drawings with ink and paint applied directly to found 70 mm film footage. Gina Kamentsky compacts the fragmentarily transferred figures with abstract painting and letters, framed in a composition of percussive minimal music and recurrent calls from the audience and the referee. (tr)

Screenplay Gina Kamentsky Production Gina Kamentsky Editing Gina Kamentsky Sound Gina Kamentsky Animation Gina Kamentsky

Spank Shot

Figury niemozliwe i inne historie II

Impossible Figures and Other Stories II

PL 2016 No dialogue/lyrics 15 min Director Marta Pajek

Marta Pajek once again recounts the experiences of her female protagonist in her highly personal style oscillating between reality and nightmarish or dreamlike condensation, when she tries to keep falling eggs from breaking, when rooms transform into patterns, when the lifeless, oversize body of a man drops onto her shoulders as she opens a closet door, or when a black monster with a lion-like growl finally conquers the entire frame. (tr)

Screenplay Marta Pajek Production Piotr Szczepanowicz, Grzegorz Wacalwek Editing Marta Pajek Sound Michal Jankowski Animation Marta Pajek, Małgorzata Mianowska, Anna Shimanskaya, Jerzy Hojda, Aleksander Sobek, Miray Ozcan, Joanna Wapniewska, Piotr Szczepanowicz, Tomasz Popakul

Figury niemozliwe i inne historie II Best Animated Film - Krakow Film Festival

9 ways to draw a person

RU 2016 06 min 29 sec Austrian premiere Director Sasha Svirsky

Sasha Svirsky’s expressive drawings, graphics, and photocollages, stylistically reminiscent of the time between Dada and the 1950s, crackle across the screen with rambunctious, youthful speed. This time his flood of images is clearly structured into nine chapters, the English-language voice-over offers a healthy slab of humor, and the rhythmic, beautifully instrumented music makes this film a pure joy to watch. (tr)

Screenplay Sasha Svirsky Production Nadezhda Svirskaia Sound Alexey Prosvirnin Animation Sasha Svirsky

9 ways to draw a person