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Fake News. Sad Counterfeiting Reality

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 72 min

Turn the page, switch the channel, scroll further down—there are self-promoters everywhere. And what a show they’re putting on! You won’t believe your eyes. Nor should you. Half of the time we’re not even aware of how much we let our perception of reality be shaped by politicians, the media, or filmmakers. We accept simplified representations of the world and think of them as essence, as truth. The four films in this programme (they are literally the best!) zoom  in on the phenomenon of sensationalism and sensory overload. It’s going to be HUGE. Trust us. (Diana Mereoiu)

Curated by: Daniel Ebner, Diana Mereoiu

Random Still

Journal animé

Animated Daily

FR 2016 04 min 30 sec Director Donato Sansone

Green Screen Gringo

BR NL 2016 15 min 51 sec Director Douwe Dijkstra


DE FR IT PT 2013 26 min Director Miguel Gomes

Citizen Cam

IS 1999 26 min Director Jérôme Scemla