Special - Midnight Movies

Nightmares The Sum of All Fears

  • , Filmcasino 72 min

A good short has boiled down its story to its essence? In the case of these nine minute versions of classic horror films this certainly is true. The abridgments were produced in the 1960s/70s for domestic projection on 8 or 16 mm. Sometimes the condensed versions improve on the original (The Mummy), in others the editors took interesting liberties (Frenzy). The films are screened in 16 mm, with faded images sometimes turning red from causes other than blood. It’s the way they should be seen now. Do it, before it’s too late. (Christoffer Olofsson)

Curated by: Christoffer Olofsson (Uppsala Internation Short Film Festival)
Presented by: VICE
In cooperation with: Uppsala Internation Short Film Festival

Random Still

The Wolf Man

US 1941 09 min Director George Waggner

The Son of Frankenstein

US 1939 10 min Director Rowland V. Lee

The Doom of Dracula

US 1944 09 min Director Erle C. Kenton


US 1955 09 min Director Jack Arnold

Creature from the Black Lagoon

US 1954 09 min Director Jack Arnold

The Mummy

US 1932 17 min Director Karl Freund


US 1972 09 min Director Alfred Hitchcock