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Stage/Lights Österreich Wettbewerb

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Spotlights on! The four films in this programme involve light and stage, a kaleidoscopic play of colours and the desire for recognition. While the animation initially goes beyond the borders of the screen, the three subsequent films—some of them famously cast—convincingly, humorously and sensitively explore individual ambitions as well as interpersonal living environments. Between diffraction and rose-colored glasses, small gestures and big decisions this programme invites everyone to engage. (av)

In the presence of: Catrin Freundlinger, Daniela Leitner, Jannis Lenz, Paul Ploberger, Reinhold Bidner

Until we coleidescape

AT 2017 No dialogue/lyrics 04 min 06 sec Vienna premiere Director Reinhold Bidner

A simple line is the starting point of this abstract animation, in which the image follows the sound beyond the screen. With the use of diffraction glasses that split the light into its individual color spectrum, the movie theater is transformed into a colourful larger-than-life kaleidoscope, captivating the viewers with its hypnotic effect. Colours become visible and vibrations are perceptible. Put your glasses on and fly! (av)

Screenplay Reinhold Bidner Production Reinhold Bidner Editing Reinhold Bidner Sound Wave Canyon, Heinz Wolf Animation Reinhold Bidner

Until we coleidescape


DE AT 2017 29 min 53 sec Vienna premiere Director Jannis Lenz

Coco is 17 and determined to become famous. Whether as a model, dancer or actress makes no difference. She skips school to participate in auditions and music video shoots, but with moderate success. With her YouTube channel “Coco Channel” she hopes for the big breakthrough. Lenz’s movie is based on a transmedia approach, in which fiction and real elements are interwoven and the interaction between viewers and movie is increased. (av)

Screenplay Jannis Lenz, Andi Widmer, Matthias Writze Production Lukas Zweng, Roland Fischer Editing Alexander Rauscher Camera Andi Widmer Cast Anna Suk, Mathias Dachler, Julia Plach, Simone Fuith, Markus Schleinzer Sound Rudolf Pototschnig, Alexander Rauscher, Benedikt Palier, Jonas Haslauer

WANNABE Best European Film - Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival

Bier & Calippo

Beer & Calippo

AT 2017 27 min 19 sec Vienna premiere Director Paul Ploberger

Summer, an old camper and a sense of freedom. Jojo wants to accompany her boyfriend Toni and his band on tour. Her dad (Roland Düringer) would allow it, if she did well in school. Everything is ready and the anticipation is great. Too bad that Jojo might be pregnant, even though they “really used condoms a lot”. And even worse that her dad gets wind of it and Toni has a crush on the drummer ... (av)

Screenplay Paul Ploberger Production Catrin Freundlinger Editing Barbara Seidler Camera Patrick Wally Cast Maresi Riegner, Roland Düringer, Xaver Stockinger, Victoria Nikolaevskaja, Thomas Otrok, Florian Feik Sound Florian Rabl

Bier & Calippo


Late Season

AT 2017 No dialogue/lyrics 07 min 26 sec Austrian premiere Director Daniela Leitner

Photographs on the wall show a happy couple. At the kitchen table we find the same couple decades older and distanced. Neither a word nor a glance is exchanged. Following their routine they walk to the beach, where nostalgia and emotions unexpectedly unite in a crescendo. An elaborate animation made by hand from cardboard relief figures. With much sense and courage for romance. (av)

Screenplay Daniela Leitner Production Daniela Leitner, Lip Comarella Editing Simon Griesser Camera Christian Leitner, Daniela Leitner Sound Silvio Canazei Animation Christian Leitner, Markus Wagner, Martin Lorenz, Christopher Hofmann