Internationaler Wettbewerb

The Promise of Happiness Fiction & Documentary

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 79 min

A holiday in Spain, a communion in Colombia and two weddings in Sri Lanka and Morocco call for a debate on symbols, customs and rituals. These are the building blocks for four stories in which tradition, desire and expectations are put into a socio-critical and political context, but never without viewing the protagonists in their personal environments. The programme examines the role of women in this context as well as the deep cultural roots that make it so hard to break with patterns. (mm)

In the presence of: Lanka Bandaranayake, Jorge Cadena, Ransiri Perera ("Tradition")

Las vísceras

The Entrails

ES 2016 15 min 38 sec Austrian premiere Director Elena López Riera

A village in the south of Spain. Preparations for a holiday. Children play in the yard with a rabbit the grandmother brought. The animal likes to be pet. Then the woman kills and skins it before the eyes of the children. In the meantime, people fill the streets, commemorating a woman whose ill-fated love, according to legend, has devoured her heart and her mind. She still roams the village today. (mm)

Screenplay Elena López Riera Production Elena López Riera, Louise Hentgen Editing Raphaël Lefèvre Camera Gabriel Azorín, Elena López Riera, Marcelo López Riera, Philippe Azoury, Giuseppe Truppi Sound Mathieu Farnarier

Las vísceras Best Short Documentary - Zinebi

El cuento de Antonia

The Tale of Antonia

CO CH 2016 30 min Austrian premiere Director Jorge Cadena

Antonia remembers her communion, the difficult family circumstances and growing up in Bocas de Ceniza, a small and windy fishing village on the coast of Colombia. The exploitation of the land by local policies is reflected in polluted rivers, deforested areas, and the discontent of the population. A beautiful portrait of a girl and a country that no longer wants to be fooled. (mm)

Screenplay Li Aparicio, Jorge Cadena Production HEAD – Geneva Editing Romain Waterlot Camera Juan Camilo Olmos Cast Mitchailet Lemus Ortíz, Flor Martínez Rojas, Edwin Padilla, Eudes Rosado, Margarita Velilla, Camilo Mundólogo, Dina Luz Caceres, Noemí Maury, Diofante Tapias, Weimar Avila Cortez Sound Henry Burgos

El cuento de Antonia Best Short Film - IFFR – International Film Festival Rotterdam


LK 2016 10 min 42 sec Austrian premiere Director Lanka Bandaranayake

A bride is being prepared for her wedding. Every piece of jewelry has a meaning, and with every piece of jewelry, a personal memory of the bride follows. The conversations with her lover, she reminisces about, turn the romantic idea of a wedding into a sad and pragmatic act that is hardly about love. A sobering statement on the role of women in a male-dominated society. (mm)

Screenplay Lanka Bandaranayake Production Rangana Senanayake Editing Sankha Malwaththa Camera Vishwajith Karunarathna Cast Kalum GamlathIrangani Serasinghe, Sameera Lakmal, Nilanka Dahanayaka, Arunod Wijesinha, Kalana Jayanath, Anjana Premarathna, Rajeev Ananda Sound Sankha Malwaththa



FR MA 2016 23 min Austrian premiere Director Violaine Bellet

During their wedding night, bride and groom see each other for the first time. The wedding party celebrates outside the door. They are all waiting to see the blood that confirms the bride’s virginity and maintains the family’s honor. Expectations are high and so is the tension of the two. A battle without words but full of ecstasy begins until finally, blood flows. A story about trust and two strangers on their wedding night. (mm)

Editing Isabelle Bénet Cast Nisrin Erradi, Nabil Noir El Mansouri, Amina Barakat