Those We Love Fabulous Festival Favourites

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 87 min

Thousands of films are submitted to and watched at festivals each year. Some remain seared in our hearts; won’t loosen their grip—like the nine films in this programme. In Hogg and Young’s offering we watch everyday life slip through our hands, before we stem the tide and learn to deal with life’s peculiarities. Finally, we embark on a search for that magic moment, the connective element and the meaning of life—a journey that ultimately pays off. (Daniel Ebner)

Curated by: Daniel Ebner (VIS Vienna Shorts)
In the presence of: Duncan Cowles, Ross Hogg, Heather Young, Jonathan Wysocki

Random Still

Life Cycles

GB 2016 04 min 17 sec Director Ross Hogg


CA 2016 11 min 30 sec Director Heather Young



DE 2016 12 min 52 sec Director Sebastian Binder Sebastian Fred Schirmer

Made. Not Born!

US 2016 06 min Director Mike Plante

A Glasgow Shipbuilder

GB 2016 06 min 58 sec Director Duncan Cowles

A Doll's Eyes

US 2016 12 min 10 sec Director Jonathan Wysocki


ES 2016 15 min Director Juanjo Giménez


The Committee

FI NO SE 2016 13 min 51 sec Director Gunhild Enger Jenni Toivoniemi

Wednesday with Goddard

GB 2016 04 min 30 sec Director Nicolas Ménard