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Ventil Plays Bulletproof commissioned by donaufestival & VIS Vienna Shorts

  • , METRO Kinokulturhaus 70 min

Peter Kutin and Florian Kindlinger combine their latest cinematic work with their love project VENTIL. The movie theater becomes a concert hall, the concert becomes an audiovisual borderline experience. A bulletproof glass panel is at the center of events, whose demolition generates sounds and images. Cracks, bullet holes, ruptures. The physical destruction determines a composition that manifests itself as a haunting physical experience: the labyrinth of our screen society has no exit. This is about the impossibility of security. (pk, fk)

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Location: Celeste (9Keller)
DJ-Sets: Asfast, Misonica (Hope X), B*, Ursuka
Hosted by: Ventil-Records
Commissioned by: donaufestival & VIS Vienna Shorts
In cooperation with: Film Archiv Austria, donaufestival

Bulletproof – VENTIL

AT 2016 10 min Director Florian Kindlinger Peter Kutin