Fokus: Trust Me - Talk

Who You Gonna Trust? Salon in Gesellschaft

  • , Ruby Marie 90 min

“You can’t not trust”, is one argument by violence researcher Jan Philipp Reemtsma. In order to be able to function as social beings, we assume daily normality. We rely on being safe from violence and terror, on the functioning of state structures and on the continuance of social relations. This programme aims to examine the role of trust more closely. What happens when the trust in conventions and laws starts to crumble? Where does the increasing distrust of political institutions come from? (Salon in Gesellschaft)

Curated by: Paul Firlei, Arno Gattinger, Martin Kitzberger, Sara Scheiflinger (Salon in Gesellschaft)
With: Philipp Blom, Markus Brunner, Helen Yanovsky
Hosted by: Jana Vetten
Free admission
In cooperation with: Salon in Gesellschaft and Ruby Marie Hotels